Wanderlust: Careers for Adventurers

It’s easy to get carried away after receiving an A on an essay that you least expected to, you swell with pride and begin to walk with the gait of Isaac Newton, glowing with an air of intellectualism despite your dark circles from pulling an all-nighter.

In these situations you might daydream about your future career, free from intense study sessions and 4,000 word essays. You might imagine yourself jetting off around the world, exploring new terrain, or extravagantly sailing a yacht around the Mediterranean between business meetings. Although the yacht may seem a little far-fetched, it is possible to pursue a career after university that satisfies your cravings for travel, discovery and cultural diversity, all the while earning a respectable salary and growing knowledge in your field.

So we’ve scoured the earth from Europe to Asia to Africa in search of the crème de la crème of careers and opportunities to quench your wanderlust and fulfill your will for adventure.




Embarking on a TEFL course (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) with TEFL Org Uk can be one of the most rewarding and engaging qualifications that any student or graduate could pursue. With a myriad of accessible and affordable courses across the UK, a career with TEFL Org UK allows you to expand knowledge of your native language to the highest degree, immerse yourself in new cultures and communities and develop excellent transferable skills.

Any native English speaker can take a TEFL course, and with it you will receive a personally assigned tutor to aid online learning. Other perks include 20% discounts for students and recent graduates! Everyone knows we love a bargain.

With TEFL Org UK, you have the possibility of obtaining a paid teaching role in the most diverse and remarkable locations in the world from Africa, Asia and Australia, to the Middle East, Europe and The Americas. It’s also possible to land yourself a top-notch internship or summer camp position if you’re not looking for anything long-term.

Travel and experience the world and bag exclusive opportunities with renowned TEFL international employers and be paid to explore, discover and travel the globe!


Become an Instructor


If you consider yourself to be the sporty type, or you simply relish the opportunity to learn or enhance a skill or craft, becoming an instructor and working abroad could be the ideal career move or short-term job during or after studying. From the icy terrains of France, Canada and Switzerland you have the option to follow ski instructor courses for internationally recognized qualifications. Or if you prefer the sun kissed regions of the globe, you can work in Mediterranean resorts teaching watersports or working as crew on private yachts! (I guess that idea isn’t so far-fetched after all).


USA Summer Camp


Once you’ve slayed your exams and sun comes rolling in, sometimes the idea of going home for summer or waitressing at the same restaurant you’ve worked at since you were fourteen can seem an unpleasant endeavor. Luckily, there are incredible opportunities for students looking to earn some mean dollar in the good old USA. Earn a handsome living complete with food and accommodation and work a number of diverse roles covering sports coaching, theatre and arts, the outdoors and horse riding.




If backpacking is your thing, you can live each day as it comes by volunteering at a hostel for free food and accommodation along your travels, or work at a hostel in a range of European cities. Whatever tickles your fancy; there are opportunities to satisfy your thirst for adventure while forging new friendships and meeting people from around the world.




Workaway offers a cultural exchange with free food and accommodation for workers in a plethora of innovative and sensational roles. Although many of the roles aren’t paid, there are opportunities for paid work from as little as a week to a year. Help support environmental conservation or help out in a yoga centre, farm, stables, restaurant or traveling band! The possibilities are endless.


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