Videos That Sum Up Life as a Fresher

Learning how to manage that generous student loan.


Trying your best to make new friends.


When you eventually do get some pals and you annoy them with your drunken antics.


When you convince them to join in with your bad life decisions.



When procrastination is life.


When you think you’ve got to grips with this whole uni thing, then remember you have an essay due the next day.


When your tutor gives you a simple assignment and you somehow manage to mess up.


When you think you’re doing really well on your course and then you get your first grade back.


When you’re trying to be a responsible student for once.


When you convince yourself to eat healthily.


When you’re trying to get the hang of independent living.


When someone asks if you miss your mum.


When you’ve finished your exams and it’s time for summer!

But seriously, embrace your time as a fresher and revel in the frenzy of what will be one of the most memorable and simultaneously embarrassing years you’ll ever experience (I once puked on myself in Viper and then just carried on dancing) and remember to have fun, procrastinate well, stay safe and have the freshest time of your life!

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