Teetotal? Glasgow’s Best Venues for Sober Nights

Though it may seem like most social gatherings for students revolve around raucous games of ring of fire, with the predictable phrase ‘down it freshaaaa’ ricocheting off the shared kitchen walls with a fierceness that will haunt your dreams, drinking is not the be all and end all to a memorable university experience. And since many of us don’t drink for religious, health or personal reasons, we’ve decided to collate the best venues in Glasgow for sober nights – cheers!


The Stand

You hardly need to be sipping from a salted rim to enjoy salt of the earth Glaswegian stand up, something that is showcased in abundance at The Stand, the West End’s most popular venue for cheap mid-week bants. Tuesday night’s Red Raw sees tickets for as little as £2 and heaps of hilarious acts, from newbies to seasoned comedians including Frankie Boyle and Kevin Bridges.

333 Woodlands Rd, Glasgow G3 6NG


Glasgow Film Theatre

A cherished grandparent to the city’s independent cinema scene, Glasgow Film Theatre first opened its doors in 1939 and has since unleashed an eclectic assortment of blockbuster, indie and cult classics on Scotland’s most avid film buffs. Slurp down a delicious cup of coffee or hot chocolate in front of a flick for a laid back, cosy post-lecture hang.

12 Rose St, Glasgow G3 6RB


Wild Cabaret

If you’ve ever watched Chicago or Burlesque then stepping into Wild Cabaret for the first time invokes memories of Renee Zellweger’s red lips and flapper dresses and Cher’s bronzed cheekbones, but instead of hourglass pop stars and mid-western accents you’re met with heavy Glaswegian slang, drag and feather bowers. Sup a mocktail and bask in the entertainment, from cheap mid week shows with local talent to glamorous weekend acts from around the globe.

18 Candleriggs, Glasgow G1 1LD


Blue Dog


Easily recognised as one of the best cocktail bars in the city, as well as quenching the thirst of gin and whisky lovers alike, Blue Dog offers delicious mocktails and smoothies with lashings of tropical fruit floating in sharp and sweet flavours. Their Mock Turtle is the ideal accompaniment to their live piano and comfy booths on a Saturday night.

151 W George St, Glasgow G2 2JJ


Nice n’ Sleazy  

Music lovers and tee-totalers rejoice! Nice n’ Sleazy hosts nightly gigs with local and international artists, bangin’ burritos and weekly mocktails. Grab a booze free white russian and settle down for Monday night open mics, or munch down their vegan and vegetarian Mexican delights. This chilled out joint is a favourite among students and the perfect watering hole for alcohol free goodies.

421 Sauchiehall St, Glasgow G2 3LG


Where’s your go-to haunt for a teetotal night out? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter. If you’re keen for a booze free fiesta then don’t forget to grab your tickets for this year’s Freshers’ Fest.

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