Setting Objectives for Face to Face Marketing

It’s important to set objectives for your Face to Face Marketing to ensure that you can effectively use this channel to help you achieve your sales and marketing objectives.

Freshers Festival clients are always asked for feedback after the live event days. Regardless of size and type of business (they range from small local businesses to large multinationals) in the very rare occasions that clients do not achieve what they hoped for, the origin is usually a misalignment of expectations. After digging deeper to better understand the root cause, there is often one underlying issue: a lack of clearly defined objectives.

Objectives (or the ‘why’) are not only important in ultimately measuring ROI from face to face marketing activities (or any business activity for that matter) they should also be key in shaping the look and feel of any activity (the what, how and who).

To do this effectively, clients are recommended to reverse engineer their planning process, by thinking first about what success would look like for them. The following planning Road Map should help prompt you to think a bit differently; to consider the end goal first and work back from there.

Click here to download a blank Road Map which you can use to plan your student face to face marketing campaigns whether for student freshers fairs, on-campus events or student shopping days.

Make sure to download our full Ebook “Insight On… Student Face to Face Marketing here for a detailed description of how to best use the Roap Map as well as audience statistics and interesting brand case studies.

Setting Objectives for Face to Face Marketing [Road Map]

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