Scotland’s 7 Best Haunts for Clean Eating

Nowadays it seems like the clean eating fad has sprouted not only in the humble plains of our Instagram feeds, but in the most unlikely of places (Greggs introducing falafel salads and gluten free options is somewhat disturbing), and yet whether this surge in healthy eating is fad or not, it’s definitely not a bad thing when it comes to improving our lifestyle and over all well being.

In the last few months I’ve found myself munching down on foods that I had never before heard of, foods that sound like they’re named after exotic dancers (chia, quinoa, kale etc.). This is because I got sick half way through my third year, but found that changing my diet made a huge difference not only to my energy levels but also to my mentality. As much as it’s easy to succumb to the seductive qualities of snacks such as the Oreo variety, or in my case Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups when cramming before exams, foods that actually stimulate your brain and provide slow releasing energy are the best options to combat both raging hangovers and study sessions. So here are the 7 best haunts for clean eating in Scotland!


This petite sushi restaurant nestled in the nook of Edinburgh’s West End boasts authentic Japanese dishes, with fresh ingredients and a bustling atmosphere that attracts locals and tourists alike. If you’re a fan of fish and vegetarian options, Sushiya’s humble 22-seat eatery serves up mouth-watering tempura, sashimi and noodle bowls to fill your bellies and warm your souls. With an array of traditional dishes at reasonable prices, this is an ideal haunt for a protein packed lunch or healthy take away.


Highlight: Great for pescetarians and seafood lovers.

19 Dalry Rd, Edinburgh EH11 2BQ


Union of Genius

Many students are all too familiar with situations where our bank accounts don’t quite match our voracious appetites – especially after a study sesh in the library when our only bodily sustenance is a battered sausage from the night before. Luckily, Union of Genius delivers top-notch tasty food, with hearty and healthy ingredients and an emphasis on gorgeous soups and vegan breakfasts. With nearly 100 different soup recipes and options as well as soup sliders, this place is well worth a visit when you’re looking for guilt-free comfort food.

Union of Genius

Highlight: Soups and vegan breakfasts.

Forrest Road, Edinburgh EH1 2QN


Urban Angel

With a wooden clad, rustic interior Urban Angel conjures up images of vintage bistros and Italian delicatessens. Yet the classic is contrasted with the contemporary with exquisite brunch dishes such as avocado and ricotta on grilled granary, and home made gluten free kedgeree. Its ethos of delicious food is combined with fair trade, organic and locally sourced ingredients.

Urban Angel

Highlight: Locally and ethically sourced produce.

121 Hanover St, Edinburgh EH2 1DJ


Prep Fitness Kitchen

If you’re struggling to find the time to rustle up healthy foods on a budget when dashing from classes to the gym to the union, then Prep Fitness Kitchen has got you covered. It emphasis on low fat, low calorie meals that are bursting with vitamins and minerals allows you to munch down on foods that aid fitness lovers and book-worms alike. Popular plates include the king prawn peanut butter satay and the cashew beef tabouli.

Prep Fitness Kitchen

Highlight: Prep meals for healthy and quick lunches.

22 Bath St, Glasgow, Glasgow City G2 1HB


Tchai Ovna

Hidden among the dusty books and Fleetwood Mac records of the West End’s notorious Otago Lane, Tchai Ovna is the ultimate chill-out spot to grab a herbal tea and a spicy, fragrant dhal. Allowing you choose your tea by country, alongside a vegan and vegetarian friendly menu, the stress-free vibe of this authentic teahouse makes for a perfect place to relax with a book or have a laid-back lunch with friends.

Tchai Ovna

Highlight: Over 80 varieties of delicious and healthy teas.

42 Otago Ln, Glasgow, Glasgow City G12 8PB


Avery & Co

Avery & Co’s warm and friendly atmosphere is apparent as soon as you stroll through its doors, with homemade cakes and hearty brunches as well as nutritious, fresh and natural local ingredients; this restaurant provides the pinnacle of healthy dining in Dundee. Its meals vary from creative vegan options like carrot hummus and crisp breads to Mexican options like soft flour fish tacos.

Avery & Co

Highlight: Low fat, natural and seasonal ingredients.

34 S Tay St, Dundee DD1 1PD



The always-popular Martha’s is a regular jaunt for city center folk looking for vitamin packed meals with a homemade flair. Its culture-crossing techniques span a myriad of continents, with generous lashings of ginger, turmeric, sumac and tahini. Whether you’re on the prowl for healthy hangover food or you need an energy boost before you start round two in H & M, this pleasant eatery provides healthy fast food for as little as £1.50.


Highlight: Breakfast egg pots.

142a St Vincent Street, G2 5LQ

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