Glasgow’s Best Coffee Spots

Our favourite superhero guru Hugh Jackman once said, ‘to me the smell of fresh made coffee is one of the greatest inventions’. And we can’t help but wholeheartedly agree, since this golden brown liquid euphoria graces our palates on the reg with earthy tones, nutty flavours and of course a punch of energy in the most vital of times (9am seminar, anyone?)

Traversing multiple continents, our humble cup of coffee is the gateway into a perkier self, often enjoyed in a sassy espresso martini or accompanied by a hefty croissant. And since it comes in bean form, it’s easy to persuade ourselves that it counts as one of our five-a-day. Whatever your reasons for slurping down a freshly roasted cup, no one can deny that coffee has become the pinnacle beverage of our early mornings and jaunts to class. So we’ve scoured the city’s fine streets, and asked Scotland’s best food and drink bloggers where they choose to go to grab a beloved cappuccino. Here are Glasgow’s best coffee spots – enjoy!


Artisan Roast

artisan roast

Nestled in the bustling bosom of the West End’s popular Gibson Street, Artisan Roast has quickly become one of the most popular joints for coffee lovers. Serving up a mean flat white with a creamy elasticity that proves it’s steamed to perfection, this quirky haunt is ideal for a good quality take away or a leisurely afternoon complete with a munch of organic and locally sourced food.


Avenue Coffee


Conveniently located across the city’s West End, Avenue unites the spirited and coffee hungry communities of Hillhead and Woodlands. Roasting their ethically sourced coffee on site, their passion and dedication to their craft is evident. From delicious and obscure South African blends to surprisingly tasty and wholesome decafs, this place is impressive for even the most knowledgeable of coffee fiends.

Lynsey who runs popular blog Girl Verses Food claims ‘the baristas here are super knowledgeable and friendly; what these guys don’t know about coffee isn’t worth knowing! They also regularly run special events like Home Brew workshops. The ethically sourced coffee is so good that you’ll definitely be tempted to take a bag home with you!’ Take a peek at her Twitter for more advice on Glasgow’s best food and drink joints.


Gordon Street Coffee


A small batch coffee roaster that sits snugly next to Glasgow central station, this wee establishment has made a name for itself with an array of immense roasts. With the option to choose the strength and type of coffee preferred as well as being tempted by the coffee of the week, Gordon Street Coffee excel in their barista skills and service in one of the busiest realms of the city.


Paper Cup


The first thing you’ll notice when you stroll into this quaint find is its sheer petiteness, and a rough and ready quality that beckons you to its less rough but equally ready batches of fragrant coffee. Roasting their coffee on site, Paper Cup is a no fuss no frills café that places its focus on the passion for excellent produce.


The Glad Café


With a mellow and relaxing vibe, seasonal dishes and locally roasted Dear Green coffee, The Glad Café is everything you’d want from a good quality coffee shop. Fresh and steamy cups of coffee sweep the aroma of this bohemian and ever popular joint, and its name certainly lives up to the feelings experienced there by its humble south side dwellers.


Laboratorio Espresso


Laboratorio Espresso is a unique and modest Italian style café breathes the air of the Tuscan hills and the family fun espresso stops of northern Italy. Alongside a range of delicious rustic sandwiches and roasts from London to Berlin, their coffee glazes the atmosphere with an authentic vibe and a loyalty to traditional espresso and strong delectable coffee. Food guru Kat from Eat Scottish swears by their sweet treats and coffee, ‘they do amazing cannoli’s and you can sit outside on a nice day plus the staff are amazing!’ Check out more of her foodie banter on Twitter.




Another central station dwelling establishment, Riverhill has made a name for itself across the city for its decadent, indulgent cakes, top quality lunches, and of course fresh and incredible coffee. This little gem has a unique charm best suited to take away coffee.

Claire aka Foodie Quine certifies this spot as her favourite place for a good cup, ‘wonderful coffee, coffee art, cakes, bakes and snacks. The food on display is always drool-worthingly tempting. Simply impossible to just to have coffee. Plenty of veggie, vegan and GF options too. Check out the daily specials for ultimate seasonality’. For more food and drink recommendations check out Claire’s chat on Twitter.


Bakery 47


If you’re on the prowl for a simple high quality filter coffee, Bakery 47 has got you covered. These skilled bakers place their passion in simple, delicious and first-rate service and produce that’s easy to appease you bank account. This little haunt was tipped to us by My Monk Fish blogger Hilary, she says ‘a little off the beaten track they keep things simple and use quality ingredients to make the finest bread and cakes ever! Love that they also collaborate with other creative people and have had supper clubs and pop-ups. Real bread by real people, once it’s gone it’s gone. And of course, great coffee as expected’. Hilary’s top-notch advice can be gleaned over on her Twitter.

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