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Powerful direct marketing to tens of thousands of 17-24 year-old customers searching for what you offer. 

18,178 Students.

No, that isn't a typo.

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"As the National Brand Manager for Relentless at Coca-Cola Enterprises, I used Freshers Festivals to engage with our target audience of students. I found the professionalism from concept to delivery exceptional and have now used them on numerous occasions."

Nik Bernard is the National Portfolio Manager at Coca-Cola Enterprises

Nik Bernard
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Michael Hewett is a Director at Deloitte

Michael Hewitt Deloitte
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"I have worked with Freshers Festivals on multiple projects. They are massively influential in the media world, particularly in the youth and student arena. Dedicated, insightful, exceptionally hard working and truly focused on delivering great client service. Some organisations just get it; Freshers Festivals are one of those organisations."

Marek Galffy is an Area Manager for the UK chain Yo! Sushi

Marek Galffy Yo! Sushi
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"If you're looking for someone to help you engage with the youth or millennials markets then I genuinely believe there isn't a more qualified or effective organisation working in the UK.  We managed to get over 1100 new signups from the campaign which will help our brand get involved with one of the most rewarding demographics out there."

Freshers Festivals event marketing logo

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Commit to Winning More Student Customers

No matter your business type, its age or size, Freshers Festivals is an opportunity to use proven marketing strategies to win more Student and Gen Z customers.

Get More Student Customers Now

It's in moments of decision that your brand's destiny is shaped.

A Breakthrough Event.

Freshers Festivals are designed to bring out the best in your business. Imagine a breakthrough event that empowers you to combine the deep psychology of reciprocation with direct marketing strategies. Promote your brand in real-time to 
real students. A marketing experience that draws student consumers in and establishes them as your customers for life. 

Imagine the ultimate marketing machine...  

Our vision has always been to reimagine what a marketing campaign should be. A campaign that is so immersive that the sales process disappears into the experience. An experience so versatile it can take any business, of any size or industry to a whole new level. 
With Freshers Festivals, that vision is now a reality. 
Say hello to 18,178 potential customers.
Attract more new customers, expand online sales and get the phones ringing with ease. 

More Revenue

Make the magic happen with a custom built marketing booth that's designed to hook new customers for ultrafast results.

Quick Results

Target our audience with direct marketing strategies at a fraction of the cost of Social Media Advertising.


Bex Reilly is a Territory Manager at Just Eat

Michael Hewitt Deloitte
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"Following our success from directly marketing to students at this year's event, the annual sales of partner brands in Glasgow increased by up to 28%. Just Eat are already making plans to work with the Freshers Festival Group in 2018 at both Glasgow and London. We can’t wait to get started!"

Brands That Love Freshers Festival